Since pkg 1.3.8 came out, redports can only be used to check if a port builds, it cannot be used to check plists and leftovers.

What is redports?

Redports is a free service for FreeBSD port maintainers and port committers that helps testing new or updated ports on various FreeBSD versions and architectures.


Testing a port requires a clean environment to find all kind of problems (leftover files, missing dependencies, architecture specific or FreeBSD version specific) but such a system is hard to setup and maintain.


To create a new account register a new username and it will get activated manually after review. Have a look at the UserGuide while you are waiting for activation or have a look at the IRC channel to speed things up.


  • Free for everyone
  • Fast, reliable and scalable
  • Multiple build environments available
  • Subversion repository and Wiki for your own ports
  • Automatic builds triggered by commit
  • GitHub support
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