Update to 0.9.92

There is still some work ahead for 1.0 but progress is good and the platform seems to be surprisingly stable.

Last week I had to disable tmpfs on the main tinderbox backend because of an bug in tmpfs that blocked unmounting and required me to reboot the machine every few days. Building is a bit slower now but it's stable. I will have a second look at that bug once I find time for it.

The GCC-4.5 buildgroup was replaced with an experimental GCC-4.6 buildgroup that isn't activated yet because it usually needs some hand holding every few days. I will finish that soon and activate it once it's ready.

Here is what the latest update includes:


  • EMail notification
  • User preferences for workdir download and email notification
  • Archive improvements (pagination, user filter, queued builds)


  • Trac: revision needs to be a valid number
  • Trac: portname needs to be valid
  • rpdd: reduce lock contention
  • Posted: 2012-01-16 16:14 (Updated: 2012-04-04 14:42)
  • Author: decke
  • Categories: announcement


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