Update to 0.9.93

I'm pleased to announce the next beta version on the way to our first stable release. There will be at least one more beta because I need to rewrite some locking code in the dispatcher which requires a lot of testing. Except from that I am very pleased with the stability and progress so far. Thanks a lot to all testers and users of redports!



  • Add Administration interfaces (Backends, Backendbuilds, Buildgroups, Repository, Buildqueue)
  • RSS feed for Archive and Archivedetails
  • Add global buildqueue list
  • Add build priority to GUI and allow users to choose priority
  • Improve buildqueue deletion so that it can be deleted anytime
  • Add links to User wiki page wherever the username is shown
  • Add Icons for buildlog and workdir
  • Improve build description formatting


  • Implemented rpdd hook scripts
  • Improve Step20 to gracefully handle failed locks
  • Fix long standing bug in Step30 backend failure handling
  • Posted: 2012-02-07 10:41 (Updated: 2012-02-07 10:47)
  • Author: decke
  • Categories: announcement


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